Archive of the Month Mar 2021: The Census, a "Full, True and Accurate Account"


Our new podcast episode is **19 min** and features:

 - Census in Buckinghamshire Archives' collections

 - Census 2021: Ross Tackley from the Office of National Statistics tells us about this month's census


Listen here:



- Census 2021 website 
- Census records at the National Archives:
Access to past Censuses via Ancestry, for Bucks Library Card Holders: 


Census related documents in Buckinghamshire Archives' collections:

PR 131/25/5 Rectors Book, Great Linford Notes on 1881 Census figures
D 15/9/9 Tables show census data for Bucks 1801-1921
D 109/157 Householder's census schedule (uncompleted) 1861
D 214/5/18 Copy of census return for Bradwell Abbey 1841
D-CN/24/15 Scrapbook labelled `Wycombe Family Notes', compiled by Charles W Raffety, includes 1911 census figures for Wycombe Union
D-FR/63/3/2 Bundle of Sir Thomas Francis Fremantle's correspondence, including letter to Census Office, re: 1861 Census
D-FR/108/11 Misc Census papers 1841-1871, including Population figures for parishes within Winslow Union, 1851, and registrars summary for Winslow Union, 1851-1871; with manuscript copy of return for Swanbourne Manor for the 1871 census
D-MKDC/2/2/117 Milton Keynes Development Corporation: Papers of the Executive Management Committee, includes notes re 1981 census results, 1982
D-MKDC/10/1/4 Milton Keynes Development Corporation: notes on census figures for population already living within the designation zone, 1967
D-RA/3/207/15 Census returns for Bulstrode, 1911
D-W/97/5 Extract from 1801 census for Stoke Hundred
D-X 429 Photocopy of Enumerator's return for Westbury for the 1871 census
D-X 642 Photocopy of Census Enumerators abstracts for Wendover, 1851 census
D-X 1536/4 The Thame Gazette and Oxfordshire and Bucks Advertiser, article on forthcoming Census, 1881
D-X 1711/1/79 Letter from Charles Baker to Elizabeth Odell, 1871, comment about Census
DC 3/8/3 State of dwellings and populations, by parishes, in Newport Pagnell Rural District Council, from 1911 census, contains no names
PR 41/8/3 Cheddington Vestry Minute Book, includes notes from 1891 census
PR 42/7/1 Draft Census Return for Chenies, 1821
PR 44/18/32 Census totals for Chesham Town, 1821
PR 44/18/33 Census details for the hamlets of Botley, Waterside and Latimer in Chesham, 1821
PR 60/32/40 Copy of 1841 Census for Datchet
PR 109/18/1 Census enquiry form, with replies [Little Horwood], 1831
PR 113/28/1 Parish census return [totals only] [Ickford], 1831
PR 115/2/8 Register of Confirmations, 1847-1981 [Iver], includes census stats 1821-1891
PR 115/6/2 Envelope containing: census of parish, 1831 [Iver]
PR 115/7/2 Volume listing details of households for census [Iver], probably 1821
PR 124/3/12 Lathbury: draft census return 1811
PR 138/28/1 Census return (totals only) for Ludgershall with Tetchwick and Kingswood, 1831
PR 175/28/3-5 Census returns for Princes Risborough, 1821, 1831, 1841
PR 182/18/3 Shabbington: 1821 Census: analysis of age structure of population, with partial list of inhabitants compiled by overseers and circular addressed to incumbent
PR 192/1/3 Register of baptisms [Stantonbury], includes a notes re: 1821 census
PR 202/32/6 Papers relating to evacuation and National Registration [Swanbourne Parish Council], Including estimated numbers of evacuees in Winslow Rural District; circulars about Government evacuation scheme; appointment of G.H. Viccars as enumerator for National Registration and 1941 Census and as Billeting Office; instructions for carrying out enumeration
PR 205/1/12 Register of burials,Thornborough, includes notes on various censuses, 1850s-1890s
PR 240/28/10 Printed questionnaire and instructions for taking the national census, with manuscript return for Wooburn listing names of householders with numbers in each household and other details, 1801
TA/5/1 Papers of Dr John Lee of Hartwell:b) 'Population Tables' showing numbers of males in Buckinghamshire, 1801-1851 (by census years), 1852

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