Apply for a secondary school place

You need to apply for a secondary school place with us if:

  • You live in Buckinghamshire and
  • Your child will be moving to secondary school in September 2020

The application portal for moving up to a secondary school closed at 3pm on 31 October 2019.

If you have missed the deadline, download an application form and return as soon as possible using the Admissions Team's 'Contact us' form.

Please see what to do if you have missed the application deadline.


Submit your evidence

Once you have made your application you will need to submit a scan or photo of a utility bill (gas or electricity) dated within the last three months, showing usage.

Submit your address evidence 

If you are applying for a 'looked after child' or have exceptional medical or social reasons for attending a particular school you will need to provide evidence. To send us your evidence, please use the Admissions Team's 'Contact us' form.

If your child is entitled to free schools meals or Pupil Premium and you are applying under either of these rules, please send evidence to support your circumstances to the school you are applying for.


What you need to know

  • you can read the information on 'Moving up to secondary school' before making your application
  • you must make your application through your home local authority, even if you wish to apply for a school in another area. If you are unsure who your local authority is you can find your local council online
  • you can list up to six preferences - putting just one school doesn't give you a better chance of getting in
  • list the schools in the order you would like them, not the order you think you might be offered them
  • it is best to include your catchment school, even if you put it lower on your application than other schools
  • there is no guarantee of a place at your catchment school
  • having a sibling at the school does not guarantee admission, but make sure you include your other child’s details on your application
  • putting the same school more than once will not give you any better chance of being offered it
  • remember to think about how your child will travel to school each day, and to consider the transport rules
  • choose an email address to register with that you will have access to on 2 March 2020 when you will receive your school offer
  • there is further information provided for 'What to do if you are moving house'

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