Transfer Testing and Grammar schools 2017

6. Illness on Transfer Test day and Late Tests

It is very important that children do not take the Transfer Test if they are unwell.

The parents of children taking the Transfer Test at a grammar school will have received an ‘Identification and Fit for Transfer Testing' form with their testing invitation which was sent in July. The completed form must be brought to the Transfer testing session at the grammar school on 15 September as, without it, it will not be possible for the child to take the test. The purpose of this form is not only to enable the parent to confirm that their child is well on the test date but also to provide a photograph to confirm the identity of the child undertaking testing.

Children attending Buckinghamshire LA and Partner schools are not required to complete this form as their identity does not need confirming.

If there are supported exceptional circumstances why a child cannot attend testing at the grammar school on 15 September 2016 then one alternative date will be offered. A clash of test date with that of another school is not an exceptional reason. Children who do not attend testing at the grammar school on the day of the Transfer Test without a reasonable explanation will automatically be withdrawn from the testing process.

If your child does not attend testing at the grammar school due to illness, you will need to submit a letter from your GP to confirm.

Children attending Buckinghamshire LA and Partner schools, who are ill on the dates of the tests, will always be offered alternative dates on which to take the Preparation and Transfer tests.

If a child becomes unwell during testing, and is unable to complete the test, it is not possible for that test paper to be re-sat at a later date.

Late tests

Children can be tested later if, for example, they are ill on the date of the test, or if the family has very recently moved into Buckinghamshire. However, if testing is not completed on 15 September 2016, we cannot guarantee that the results will be available on 14 October 2016. We will consider later testing for children who move into the area after 30 June 2016 and by 30 June 2017.

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Last updated: 16 March 2017