Transfer Testing and Grammar schools 2017

10. Grammar School suitability

Your child's headteacher can recommend your child as:

  • Exceptionally able so very highly recommended, or
  • Very able so recommended without any reservation, or
  • Recommended with reservation, or
  • Not recommended for grammar school.

Your child's attitude to learning can be described as:

  • Enjoys challenge and is a highly motivated independent learner, or
  • Consistently hardworking and reliable, or
  • Output varies, or
  • Lacks self organisation, requires support.

Buckinghamshire LA primary and Partner school headteachers provide us with this information shortly before the results of the Transfer Test are known, and it will be shared with the Selection Review Panel. If your child attends an out of county school, their headteacher will be able to provide a current level of recommendation if they complete a Headteacher's Selection Review Summary Sheet on your child's behalf.

The Selection Review Panel values this information as it gives them an idea of the context in which a child is working at his or her school and also enables them to consider how unexpected a child's STTS was when compared to their headteacher's recommendation.

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Last updated: 16 March 2017