Starting school or moving up to Junior school

8. What to do if you are moving house

You will know from reading the admission rules, how important it is that we know where your child is living. Your child’s Normal Home Address is the address you must use when making your application.

If you move after you have applied, you must give us evidence of this. For the first round of allocations you need to provide evidence by 30 January 2017 to show that you have moved and are already living in your new home. 

Voluntary-Aided schools, Foundation schools, Academies, Free schools and schools in other areas may have different deadlines so check their rules carefully. 

If you are living abroad and are returning to a property in the UK, we will need to use the address that you are currently living at, unless you can provide evidence to show that you will be resident in our area by 30 January 2017.

If you move after 30 January 2017, we will use your new address for later rounds of allocations, once we have accepted it. Please look at Later allocation rounds for what to do if you move after this date.

We use the address where you are living on 30 January 2017 for the first round of allocations on 18 April 2017. If you have recently moved to
this address you will need to provide evidence to show that you moved and were living in your new home on 30 January 2017, before we will accept your new address. If you move from the address on your application after 30 January 2017, you must tell us and provide evidence to confirm your move. However, we will use your old address for allocation purposes for the first round.

Evidence of moving

You will need to provide the following evidence of your move:

  • A solicitor’s letter confirming the date that you have completed the purchase of your new home;


  • A formal lease agreement, provided through an approved letting agency, confirming that your lease has started and showing that you will still be living at the address for at
    least six months after 1 September 2017;


  • Third party evidence to show that you have returned (from abroad) to live in a property you already own.

We will also ask for evidence to show that you have disposed of your old property or that it is no longer available for you and your family to live in. You must also provide utility bills or a council tax bill, suitable for your family’s needs, to show that you are living in your new property. 

Service families

It is your responsibility to make sure we know you are a Service or Crown Servant family. Where Service families, or families of other Crown Servants, who often move within the UK and from abroad, are posted to the area, we will allocate school places in advance of the family move, if you provide an official government letter declaring a relocation date and an intended address.

A Unit postal address, or quartering area address, will be sufficient if there is not a new home address. Where Service or Crown Servant families are returning to live in a property they already own, evidence of ownership will be needed. Please provide evidence by 13 February 2017, to be included in the first allocation round via our Contact us form

Moving out of Buckinghamshire

If you are planning to move away from Buckinghamshire before September 2017, you must apply to us by our deadline. You can include schools for your new address and we will pass on your preferences to your new home LA. You might like to apply for a Buckinghamshire school in case your move is delayed or falls through.

Once your move is confirmed, please tell us your new address and whether your child will be going to the school that has been offered, or a different school. You should then contact the Admissions Team for the area you have moved to. 

Moving into Buckinghamshire

If you plan to move into Buckinghamshire and will not have completed your move by the deadline of 30 January 2017, you must make your application to your current home LA. You can choose to put Buckinghamshire schools on your application ready for your new address and your home LA will tell us about your preferences.

If you currently live abroad and you will be moving to Buckinghamshire, then you should apply online.

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Last updated: 14 March 2017

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