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Orienteering post

Orienteering is competitive navigation on foot. Using a map and compass, competitors find their own way as accurately as they can between checkpoints (controls) using their skill to choose the best route.

An orienteering course varies in length from under 2km, with 6-10 controls, for beginners to over 15km for the elite. At most events there is a choice of 6 or more courses catering for both beginners and experienced orienteers of all ages.

Events are held in woods, forest, heath and moorland. these areas with their many paths, streams, hills and valleys to provide the best navigation problems.


Black Park

Any combination of controls is possible but we suggest 3 options for short (approx 1.5km, easy), medium (approx 2.2km, moderate) and long (approx 4.5km, moderate/hard). All courses start at the top end of the car park and finish near the play area by the cafe beside the lake. You do not have to have a compass as there is an extensive track/path network which you can use for navigation. If you have a compass it will help you in orientating the map.

Packs containing a detailed map and instruction leaflet are available. These can be collected from The Visitor Centre for £1.50 each, ordered by telephone or bought online which costs £2 each including postage and packaging.

All money goes directly to the upkeep of our country parks.

Langley Park

A choice of 2 courses to cater for beginners (both young and old), and the experienced orienteer. The first is around one and a quarter miles, the second around two miles. Walk through formal gardens, ancient woodland and grasslands.

Available from the Black Park visitor centre or Friends of Langley Park website priced at £1.50

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