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Corporate sustainability

Corporate sustainability

The Council is committed to becoming a more resource efficient organisation, whilst at the same time acting to protect and enhance the environment.  We have produced a high level sustainability action plan that sets out how we will achieve this, by identifying key activities for the next three years.  This will allow Buckinghamshire County Council, along with residents and key partners, to prioritise areas of focus for improving resource efficiency.

During 2012/13 we worked with the Carbon Trust and staff across the Council to write a detailed plan showing how we can lessen the financial impacts of rising energy and fuel costs. This 5 year plan details how the Council will reduce emissions from its buildings and business mileage. For a short overview, please click below:

Carbon Management Overview - DOC

Investing in Energy Efficiency

Since 2009 we have had a dedicated ring-fenced energy efficiency loan fund (Salix). This is used to finance measures such as cavity, loft and pipe work insulation, boiler control systems and more energy efficient lighting in our buildings. As of April 2012 these projects were calculated to result in £8million in savings over the lifetime of the projects.

Investing in Renewable Energy

We have installed 5 solar PV systems on BCC sites since December 2011. These are calculated to generate over £300,000 in Feed in Tariff income over 25 years and save over £90,000 in electricity savings over 25 years.  In addition we have installed a small number of biomass boilers and have plans to replace more oil boilers with biomass.

Greenhouse gas report 2014-15

The Department for Energy and Climate Change (DECC) has asked that each local authority publishes a Greenhouse Gas report annually. The report summarises our progress in monitoring, reporting and reducing our corporate CO2 emissions.

Download the Greenhouse gas emission report 2014-15 - PDF

We are committed to ensuring that the impacts associated with delivering our services are managed to maximise our positive contribution to sustainable development and minimise any negative effects. We recognise that all of our activities create an impact on both the natural and built environment and that we have a responsibility to improve the way we manage these impacts and in doing so seek to provide internal leadership across our own organisation and external leadership across the county

CRC Energy Efficiency Scheme

This scheme is a mandatory, energy saving and carbon emissions reduction scheme for the UK. It is an incentive to improve energy efficiency and help large private and public sector organisations generate cost savings through reduced energy bills.

We are eligible for CRC and monitor our emissions and will need to purchase allowances to emit carbon dioxide (CO2). The more CO2 an organisation emits, the more allowances it will need to purchase, so there is a direct incentive to reduce emissions.

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