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Disabled people

Disabled people

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Resources and information available  from us.

Sensory services - advice and support on all aspects of daily life.
Learning disabilities - help and support for people with learning disabilities.


Benefits - make sure you get all the benefits you are entitled to
Council tax - check if you are entitled to any discounts
Employment -  helping you achieve your employment goals
Welfare benefit reform - changes to welfare benefits


Dial-a-Ride - buses for those unable to use public transport
Disabled person's car (blue) badge - provides people with mobility problems and registered blind people with additional parking rights.
Parking bays - special parking spaces


Disabilities - offering additional help and support to sick and disabled children and their families
Special educational needs - coordinating the assessment and allocation of school placements for statemented pupils. 

Group of people

Culture and learning

Adult learning - courses for all. We support students with a disability and are taking measures to encourage the participation of more disabled students in our learning programmes.
Hearing impairment collection - collection of resources for the deaf and hard of hearing
Home library service - a monthly delivery of library books to your home
Mobile libraries  - providing library services to all areas of the county
Signing and lip-reading courses - British Sign Language Level 1 and Level 2 courses and Lip-reading courses are available at various places throughout the county
Visually impaired person's suite - special computer suites with additional facilities for customers with vision impairment
Website accessibility - assistance with using this website

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