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Collaborative procurement

Collaborative procurement

We are committed to working in partnership with other local authorities and public sector bodies, where appropriate, to maximise the value we get from our contracts. We are active members of the following groups whose aim is to ensure local authorities work closer to achieve greater efficiencies:

Central Buying Consortium (CBC)

The Central Buying Consortium (CBC) is the largest local authority purchasing consortium in the UK.  Formed in 1991, the membership of CBC consists of 17 local authorities with representation from the Midlands to the South East (excluding London). The combined purchasing power of the consortium is £750m per annum. 

Benefits for suppliers include the reduction of product diversity, access to greater spend, and a reduction in administration overheads which flows from dealing with a single contract.

Find out more about the consortium 

Bucks Procurement Group

The County Council and district councils in Buckinghamshire work together to identify opportunities for collaboration.

Find out more about the district councils:

The group are working towards further local authority collaboration within Buckinghamshire.

Milton Keynes, Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire (MKOB)

MKOB is a sub-regional partnership which works together to enable local delivery of the South East Regional Improvement & Efficiency Strategy, responding to the specific needs of local authorities in their area.

The partnership was established in September 2006 with the 12 authorities in the region (two counties, nine districts and one unitary).  

Although the majority of authorities in the partnership are high performers, collaborative working across geographical boundaries and across tiers is underdeveloped. Recognising the improvement and efficiencies that can be achieved through working across boundaries, an overarching ambition for the partnership is to deliver the following outcomes:

• Real improvements in service performance through working together across boundaries and tiers and learning from each other within local government and the broader public sector
• Improved value for money through a collaborative approach to efficiency savings, economies of scale and better policy making
• Increased resilience and capacity to deliver and manage change across the MKOB area
• Organisations that are fit for purpose to meet the needs of our customers and communities

The vision for the partnership is ‘working together across MKOB to enhance capacity, deliver improvement and drive efficiency’.

To find out more about MKOB send an email to mkob@oxfordshire.gov.uk.

Improvement & Efficiency Social Enterprise Ltd (IESE Ltd)

iESE have been supporting public sector organisations to help meet the challenges they face for over 10 years, and in that time, have delivered over £600m of savings.
We deliver results, not reports. Every £1 a partner has invested with us has a return of around £5.We have delivered improvements in a variety of specialisms for over 95% of local authorities.

Improvement and Efficiency Social Enterprise’ (iESE) originally operated as one of the Regional Improvement and Efficiency Partnerships (RIEPs). In 2012, at the request of many UK local authorities, iESE became a social enterprise with the objective of identifying, fostering and delivering improvements and efficiencies across the public sector.

iESE is a non-profit company limited by guarantee and it is made up of members and directors in local authorities across the UK. We are passionate about public sector service improvement because we are run by the public sector, for the public sector. We are a social enterprise, not a consultancy, meaning we are motivated by making meaningful improvement across the sector. Any surplus we generate is re-invested into projects which benefit the whole sector.

Find out more about IESE

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