About SWOP

About SWOP

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The photograph collections

Photographs are an essential part of our heritage, and bring history to life. In High Wycombe we are fortunate to have several collections of with more than 17,000 photographs dating back to the 1870s. These are kept at the High Wycombe Library, the Wycombe Museum, and at the local newspaper the Bucks Free Press.

Heritage Lottery Fund

Now, thanks to a grant from the Heritage Lottery Fund, these photographs are available on this website, and have been preserved and stored to ensure their long term survival.

Map of area covered by SWOP photographs collection

Map of area covered by SWOP

Our objective has been to create a website to make the photographic history of High Wycombe and surrounding towns and villages available to everyone. The map shows the geographical area covered by the project.

Project volunteers

The project owes its success to volunteers who, over a period of two and a half years, gave many hours of their time cataloguing and managing both the technical and administrative side of the project. Without their help this project would not have been possible. Buckinghamshire County Council, Wycombe Museum and the Bucks Free Press would like to extend their most grateful thanks to everyone who has helped.