Educational Psychology Traded Services

Educational Psychology Traded Services

teachingNote: Orders for 2014/15 will start being taken from 1st April 2014. To place your order please go to the Traded Services page on the Buckinghamshire County Council website. New users will need to complete a new user registration form before being able to place their order.

The EPS Traded Service enables schools and other settings to purchase additional EPS time. The nature of EPS Traded Service involvement is negotiated between the school and the EP allowing for a more flexible response to a school’s particular needs. The type of service agreed may be focused outside of current EPS core work, for example on pupils that would not meet EPS / LA criteria for involvement, ensuring that Traded Service involvement is able to focus on raising the achievement of all pupils.

EPS involvement covers a range of work at individual, small group and whole school levels and can include consultation, assessment and intervention, promoting psychological well-being, inclusion and raising standards across the full range of age and abilities. Professionals from the EPS Traded Service are available for a greater variety of work that can better match the particular needs of a school.
Individual level
  • Psychological assessment and interventions (including therapeutic interventions)
  • Psychological advice focused on narrowing gaps in attainment and improving academic progress
  • Psychological interventions with family of child/young person
  • Contribute towards multi-agency meetings about child/young person
Group/class level
  • Psychological interventions to develop particular skills e.g. study skills, thinking skills, exam stress
  • Psychological interventions focused on narrowing the gap and improving academic progress
  • Support to small groups of staff in managing a particular issue e.g. challenging behaviour and disaffection
  • Professional supervision to school staff
Strategic, systems and organizational level
  • Support development of whole school strategies and systems
  • Continuing Professional Development for staff on school-determined topics with a psychological basis
  • Project development and research work e.g. evaluating interventions, investigation of particular groups
Discrete work
  • CPD/Training
  • Supervision (Head Teachers; Teachers; Support Staff)
  • Policy Development
  • Specific Psychology Assistant Activities (e.g. “Social Skills 4 Life”; support for exam prep.)



  • Schools can plan for anticipated demand for Service.
  • Professionals from the EPS to be available for a greater variety of work that can better match the particular needs of the school. For example, this may include work in addition to higher priority groups/core work.
  • The opportunity to work with the EPS at a number of levels including strategic and group level.
  • EPS work able to focus on raising the achievement of all pupils.
  • The nature of the work to be carried out would be able to be negotiated between the school and the EP.
  • Increased availability of Educational Psychologist and other EPS professionals.
  • More flexible response to school’s particular needs.
  • The opportunity for schools to develop a closer relationship with EPS professionals.
  • Schools able to develop an increased understanding of broader range of EP work.
  • Increased opportunities for therapeutic work.
  • More efficient use of time.
  • Schools able to request specific CPD support.
  • Schools able to request specific Psychology Assistant support.


  • The Traded Service is bought in blocks of time. Contracts run from 1 September 2014 to 31 August 2015, but service packages are delivered term time only within the academic year.


Service PackagesCost (Bucks Maintained Schools*)Cost (Other)
EPS 1: 3 days per annum - (e.g. 1 day per term) £1,425 £1,568
EPS 2: 6 days per annum - (e.g. 1 day per half term) £2,796 £3,075
EPS 3: 19 days per annum - (e.g. 1 day per fortnight) £8,682 £9,550
EPS 4: 38 days per annum.  EP co-located on school site (1 day per week) £17,024 £18,726

Pay As Use: 1 day
The Service may be purchased when required subject to availability.

£564 per day £621 per day

Pay As Use Training: 1 day

£932 per day £1,026 per day
Pay As Use Training: Half day £466 per day £513 per day

* 10% discount for Buckinghamshire Schools

The service may be purchase on a Pay as Use basis but availability is determined by capacity and cannot be guaranteed. Schools are strongly advised to book EPS Traded Services at the start of the financial year to guarantee EP availability. We are happy to develop bespoke packages if required, please contact the EPS to discuss further.

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The Educational Psychology Traded Service: we can be emailed directly at or phone 01296 383219.