Planning obligations for education provision

Planning obligations for education provision

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Section 106 (or S106) refers to a section in the Town and Country Planning Act 1990, by which housing developers can be obliged to make contributions to local authorities to mitigate any adverse impact of their development on the local infrastructure and services.

Buckinghamshire County Council (BCC) has produced the following guidance document on planning obligations for education provision which was subject to a stakeholder consultation process and subsequently adopted on the 8 June 2010. 

Guidance on Planning Obligations for Education Provision


 The aim of this guidance is to secure a coherent and consistent approach to ensuring that developers provide or make appropriate contributions to meet the costs of additional education infrastructure requirements generated by new housing developments.  This will help to reduce the uncertainty and time spent on negotiating individual planning applications.  The guidance will also act as interim guidance for planning applicants on BCC’s approach towards developer contributions for education provision until the adoption of a relevant planning policy document (most likely a Supplementary Planning Document) by the respective Local Planning Authority (i.e. District Council).

The guidance will be regularly reviewed as necessary to take account of changes in Government guidance and to incorporate the latest available building costs and figures on occupancy levels - without the need for a full scale review.

If you would like to discuss the potential requirement for an education contribution for a particular site or have any other queries, please email or telephone 01296 383863.