Preserved/deferred scheme members

Preserved/deferred scheme members

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If you used to pay into the LGPS and have not transferred your benefits to a new pension provider or received payment of your benefits, you will have either a deferred refund (with less than 3 months service) or deferred benefits (also known as preserved benefits).

Please contact us to confirm what type of benefits we hold for you.

Deferred benefits  

Your personal deferred benefit package consists of an annual pension, payable throughout your retirement and, provided you paid into the LGPS before 1 April 2008,  a one off tax-free lump sum. Deferred pension benefits are payable on your retirement and the package includes death cover.   

Your benefits are calculated when you leave the LGPS, based upon your period of membership and your final pay at that time. They are then held in our pension fund where they increase in value every year, until payment.  

If you have deferred benefits you may be able to transfer them to your current pension scheme. Please contact us if you wish to investigate transferring your LGPS benefits.  

If you have deferred benefits, we will provide you with details of the value of your deferred benefits on leaving and an annual statement of your deferred benefits each year thereafter, so you can see how their value increases every year. 

Please contact us in writing with any change(s) of address to ensure you receive your annual statements and your benefits, when they are due.