Vision and values

Vision and values

Our people matter

Like most organisations, we have a vision and a set of values:  committed to making a difference, working together to find solutions and change starts with me.

You won’t find our values buried away in a drawer somewhere; we live and breathe them every day. Our people know that to deliver outstanding service performance to Buckinghamshire, we have to be adaptable, innovative and responsive. 

With this approach, we will:

  • Put customers first
  • Create great partnerships and strong communities
  • Promote business excellence
  • Be a great choice as an employer

In every aspect of our work, we support, respect and value the contribution that our people make to the community and our programme of change. We can’t do the work we do, make the changes we want to make or improve our local community without you. In short: ‘You matter’.

You matter to the Council so we’ll support your development and maximise your potential.

You matter to your colleagues so we’ll listen to your ideas and look out for you.

You matter to the communities we serve and you’ll see the changes all around you.

You matter to your family and we’ll give you the flexibility to enjoy the best work/life balance.