Family and friends foster care

Family and friends foster care

This is when a relative or family friend becomes a foster carer to a child who cannot be cared for by their parents or guardians and is currently being looked after by the Council.

By becoming a family and friends foster carer you take on the day-to-day care of the child working in partnership with us.


There are a few steps to becoming a family and friends carer. Initially, the child’s social worker and a supervising social worker would visit you at home to discuss fostering and its implications for you and your family. They would also undertake an initial assessment to determine whether fostering would be appropriate for yourself and the child.

If this initial assessment is positive you will then be allocated a social worker who will undertake a comprehensive assessment to determine your suitability to be a family and friends carer. This will be the same process as other potential foster carers.

Although we realise that you may feel the assessment is intrusive and unnecessary, this is required under the Fostering Regulations 2002.

The assessment generally takes up to six months depending on personal and legal situations, but it may be completed sooner.

If approved, you are then registered as a foster carer for the specific child or children you are related to and want to foster.

Being one

Little Boy

Once you are approved, you will be required to sign a foster carer agreement which outlines your 

responsibilities as a foster carer and our responsibilities towards you and the child or children.

All foster carers are paid a fostering allowance. The amount will depend on the number of children and their ages. You will receive this once the child or children begin to live with you.

On completion of pre-approval training family and friends carers are eligible to be paid a fee, which will be explained to you by your supervising social worker.

Support available

While the child or children in your care will continue to be supported by their social worker, you will get all the support you need from us.

Training is available for all family and friends carers and you will be encouraged to take advantage of this to help you take care of the child or children in best possible way.