The children who need adopting

The children who need adopting

Jake (3) and Louis (2)

Brothers, Jake and Louis, arebright little boys who are settled in their routines. 


Jake is slimly built and although he has glue ear in his right ear, he has sharp hearing in his left ear and speaks beautifully in sentences.

Jake sleeps in a bed, is already potty-trained and has attended a nursery for fifteen hours a week since he was two. He is imaginative in his play, loves jam tarts and playing outdoors and is agile on his feet.

Louislikes to play on his own and has a good appetite and is already using speech to get what he wants.  Louis is walking and steadily building up confidence on his feet. He already knows his colours and will be starting nursery 2 afternoons a week.  

Both boys enjoy stories and will sit quietly with their carers to listen to their favourites.

Kaiden (4)

Kaiden is an engaging, sociable and endearing little boy full of energy. He has light brown hair and blue eyes. Kaiden came into care in August 2012 after witnessing violence and significant lack of care. Kaiden loves to be outside and play on his scooter. He also enjoys playing with his toy cars and listening to stories.Holding hands 

Kaiden started school in September 2013 and enjoys going. He is achieving academically well at the level expected of his age.  Kaiden can sometimes have tantrums but can be easily distracted out of them.  He can also be sensitive if he gets something wrong.

Natasha (5) and Ivan (2)

Natasha is a sociable and creative little girl who loves jigsaws, dressing up and playing at princesses and with Barbie dolls. At school she is said to be well on target, inquisitive and eager to learn, she is ahead with fine motor skills i.e. she likes to draw.

Natasha plays well with other children and engages readily with new people. Natasha enjoys playing with the family’s guinea pig and is gentle with it. 

Ivan was 12 weeks premature but his development is appropriate for his age. He is cruising around the furniture on his feet and takes off holding onto his baby walker.

Ivan is developing good bonds and likes playing with his toys and picking favourites as he gets older. Natasha is protective towards him and the children are thought to have a strong attachment.

Ivan is saying quite a few words, has a good appetite and is in a very good settled routine.  He isreceiving some physiotherapy to encourage his mobility and his development is being monitored.

Kai (3)

Kai is a delightful, affectionate little boy who is described by his foster carers as ‘very loving, happy go lucky and never aggressive’.  He has lived with his foster carers since he was three days old.


Kai is small for his age but this doesn’t hold him back.  He loves being outdoors, kicking a football and jumping on the trampoline.  He is very proud of his new skills on his bike!

Kai chatters away with an ever increasing vocabulary and is receiving speech and language support.  He attends nursery three times a week and enjoys being with other children. He has some additional support there to encourage him to keep on task and ensure he gets plenty of practice in developing his fine motor skills. 

Although Kai is a healthy child there is some uncertainty about aspects of his growth and development and tests are ongoing to establish the significance of this.  It is likely Kai will continue to be monitored by health professionals as he gets older.

Kai needs a one or two parent family who will help him understand his complex history and continue the consistent and nurturing parenting he has received from his excellent foster carers.

Please Note

The names have been changed, but the profiles are true stories of children in Buckinghamshire who currently need a loving family.